Nikole Lowe

Golden Pheasant

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This stunning painting features a beautiful Golden Pheasant perched among imperial peony flowers, perfect for brightening up any room. The bright red and yellow hues of the bird contrast beautifully with the glistening gold flecks on the paper. You wouldn't believe these birds are real! 

If you're interested in watching the painting process, check out the time-lapse video on Instagram under @nikole_lowe. It's incredibly satisfying to watch Nikole's freehand painting technique, which involves capturing the subject's essence with minimal strokes, without any preliminary sketches. 

Measuring 48 cm x 69 cm, the painting is done on dyed Xuan (rice) paper with gold flecks and professionally framed in a black grain frame. If you prefer an unframed option, simply select it at checkout.


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