Frequently asked questions

We know there are loads of questions, but here's a few that may help you out. Please contact us if we've left anything out or you need further help.

For all appointment enquiries you can either use our enquiries form that will ask you all the necessary information or you can call the studio on 020 7739 2438.

During Covid we are unable to do walk in’s.

This really depends on the artist. Availability can sometimes be the same day to a few weeks to over a year, but please check as there are often cancellations that need filling.

During Covid consultations are by appointment only or over email or phone. Please contact the studio to book in. goodtimestattoo@gmail.com

Most artists like to sit down and get to know you and discuss your ideas, however, if it is something small and you already have the exact design you may not need a consultation.

Please read the following information before booking your consultation.

  • Ladies, we are sorry to say we cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you have any medical conditions please make your artist aware of this during your consultation.
  • A non-refundable deposit of £60, £100 or £250 depending on the size of the tattoo is required when making a booking. We accept cash, debit card and Paypal. Please note when paying Paypal we add on a fee for their charges.
  • Three working days notice is required to re-schedule any appointment and this must be done by phoning the studio or you will lose your deposit.

Good Times is open Tuesday-Saturday from 12 pm - 7 pm.

If you are using your own design/script/numerals/symbols then just fill in the enquiries form and we can advise you on who will be best for the job.

You must be 18 years or over to have a tattoo and ID will be required on the day of your appointment.

Unfortunately, we cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you have any medical conditions such as blood-borne virus etc, please let us know during your consultation or before you make your appointment

It’s best not to swim, have a sauna/steam or be exposed to the sun (including sunbeams) while your tattoo is healing.

Yes, you will need to leave a £60, £100 or £250 non-refundable deposit depending on the size/price of your tattoo.

This can be paid by debit card or cash after your consultation at the studio or via Paypal (£2/£5 fee for Paypal transactions)

If you need to move/change your appointment date/time we do require 3 working days notice or your deposit will be lost and a new one will be required to re-book.

No-shows/late cancellations will result in lost deposits.

A good nights sleep and a big breakfast/lunch are recommended.

Bring any snacks or sweet fizzy drinks with you as it’s good to keep your blood sugar levels up, and during Covid, we are not allowed to offer refreshments.

We ask that during Covid times you come to your appointment by yourself.

Designs will be prepared and ready for you to take a look at during your appointment. Don’t worry there is always plenty of time to make any changes with your artist before you get tattooed. Size and orientation can all easily be adjusted on the day also.

We don’t recommend using numbing cream as it can make the skin slightly different and when it wears off, it does hurt a lot more. Some times you may only get a few minutes out of it and sometimes it might last an hour.

We do understand that sometimes when you are getting a large tattoo, you might need a little extra help to get through those tuff areas. We do have an anaesthetic spray that can be used but the skin does need to be open.

If you really can’t handle it and are looking for a numbing cream you may want to try Emla or Ametop.

During Covid, we are unable to tattoo above the chest, including neck, head and face.

Our artists will not directly copy another artist design, however, we are totally will to take inspiration from certain pieces and create your own original version.

We have a £100 minimum and quote on the size and detail within the design. For larger pieces of work (over 3 hours) we work on an hourly rate which ranges between £100-£140 an hour depending on the artist.

We are often able to give an estimate price over email, although for larger work it’s best to discuss it with your artist. Please be aware, it is sometimes hard to gauge exactly how many hours something will take.

We take deposits to secure all appointments and this is either £60, £100 or £250 depending on the tattoo.

Please note deposits are non-refundable and come off the final price of the tattoo. Three working days notice is required should you wish to reschedule your appointment.

Cash is preferred although some artists will accept debit cards.

During these strange Covid times, unfortunately, we ask you to come alone for the safety of all our customers and artists.

Yes, we are a fully licenced studio and pride ourselves on having excellent levels of cleanliness. All of our needles are one-use disposables.

We use certified medical waste and sharps disposal contractors.

No, unfortunately we don't. We recommend Rhianna at the Circle for all your piercing needs.

Yes, we have a fully Qualified practitioner Darren who uses a Q-Switch laser.

Ideally, you will need six - eight weeks between appointments for the laser to break down the existing ink.

Since every tattoo reacts differently, it is tough to give an exact amount of visits. We need to take into consideration the ink used, the depth, skin type and immune system. You will be given an estimate of how many visits you may need on your consultation.

All first-time laser appointments will need a ‘patch test’ this is to see how the body reacts to the laser. You will then come back a few days to a week later to complete the removal.

The laser isn’t pain-free that’s for sure, but it does vary from client to client. Most clients say it feels much like a rubber band snapping the skin. If you find it too much we can recommend numbing cream.

There is a small chance of scarring with laser removal but this is very uncommon. Please inform our therapist if you have sensitive skin and are prone to scarring of any kind.

Hyper-pigmentation is possible, meaning a temporary darkening of the skin from inflammation.

Hypo-pigmentation can also occasionally occur in response to a loss of melanin in the skin and is more common in darker skin types.

During laser treatment, your tattoo may turn white briefly, it then swells a bit and may turn red, but this usually goes down after a few hours. Your skin may blister, so it is essential to keep it covered with a bandage on the first day.

Usually, it feels like a mild sunburn and doesn’t hurt unless you rub or bump it. Sometimes the layered area may become itchy.

Between your treatment, it is essential to stay out of the sun. This is to prevent hyperpigmentation (darkening).

It's a bit tricky to work out the exact cost of your Laser tattoo removal as everybody reacts differently. Your deposit is £20 and included in treatment fees below – it is refundable with 24 hours notice.

Following your consultation we will confirm the cost of your laser tattoo removal, but here’s a general guide:

Tattoo Size Price
Tiny (up to 2 x 2cm) £50
Tiny/Small(up to 4 x 4cm) £70
Small (up to 6 x 6cm) 100
Medium (up to 12 x 12cm) 150
Large (up to 20 x 20cm) £200
Very large will be broken down into smaller sessions for your comfort :-)  

*Price guidelines per treatment session

Yes, we can do cover-ups, however, we would need to have a consultation just to see what can be done to cover your existing tattoo. Sometimes we may suggest a couple of laser treatments just to open the door as to what you can have.

Your tattoo will grow and shrink with you, the only time it may change is if you get stretch marks through it.

Exercise is fine as long as it’s not knocked so stay away from contact sports like rugby etc until it’s fully healed. Swimming is also not advised as the scabs can get soft and fall off before they are ready which will result in holes in the tattoo.

If this happens don’t panic, you can always come back and get it touched up.

If you are exercising, please make sure you wash the tattoo as soon as you have finished.

It’s best to stay out of the sun and the sea until your tattoo is fully healed. So no swimming I’m afraid, this includes long baths, pools, steam and saunas.

It’s always best to wait until after your holiday before getting tattooed.

Your artist will explain everything once they have done your tattoo, we also send you an email with all the instructions when you fill out a consent form.

Some artists recommend slightly different aftercare but generally, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Remove bandage after 2-3 hours (unless you have second skin on, then leave on for up to three days)
  • wash your tattoo with clean hands and warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Normal showering is fine, but no long baths.
  • Do not rub with the towel, always pat dry.
  • Apply cocoa butter 2-3 times a day until your tattoo is healed. (Unless otherwise advised by your artist)
  • Your tattoo will form a scab, do not pick or scratch as this can cause the ink to fall out.
  • Avoid swimming and sunbathing until your tattoo is fully healed.

We're looking forward to hearing from you