If you have any past regrets we have a laser, a really big laser operated by a kind,  experienced professional and we can free you from those regrets into a new life  (this is pretty much confined to bad tattoos but may have unexpected benefits, however this cannot be guaranteed, but the operator is really hot!).

Our fully Qualified practitioner Darren, uses a Q-Switch laser which has some pretty amazing results.

A deposit of £20 is required which is included in treatment fees below – it is refundable with 24 hours notice.

Following your free consultation we will confirm the cost of your laser tattoo removal, but here’s a general guide (price guidelines per treatment session):

Tattoo Size Price
Tiny (1 - 3cm)
from £40
Small(4 - 8cm)
from £60
Medium (8 - 12cm) from £90
Large (12 - 20cm) from £120
Extra large (20 cm upwards) from £150
Extra extra large Will be broken down into smaller sessions for your comfort

Ideally, you will need six - eight weeks between appointments for the laser to break down the existing ink.

Since every tattoo reacts differently, it is tough to give an exact amount of visits. We need to take into consideration the ink used, the depth, skin type and immune system. You will be given an estimate of how many visits you may need on your consultation.

Below the first example has had three sessions, and the thumb has had only one. So you can see how different people react on different parts of the body with different coloured ink.

All first-time laser appointments will need a ‘patch test’ this is to see how the body reacts to the laser. You will then come back around a week later to complete the removal.

If you have any questions about out Laser Treatments why not Contact Us.

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