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Hey there, welcome to Good Times! We're all about helping you get the tattoo you've always dreamed of. Our resident artists are super skilled and can create anything from a portrait to a Japanese backpiece to a small name, and we take pride in giving you exactly what you want.

Our team of artists are all pros, and they each have their own unique style. Nikole has been tattooing since 1991, and Piotrek has been working with her for nearly 20 years - they're basically family! We also have a rotating list of guest artists, so keep an eye out for your favourite.

We think you'll love it here at Good Times, so come by anytime and let's talk tattoos!

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Our tattoo styles & examples

We offer a wide range of tattoo styles to choose from. Take a look at some examples we've provided to see what we can do. We're confident we can create the tattoo you've been seeking.


Tattoo Styles - Japanese

Tattooing has a rich history spanning centuries across the globe. Among the popular styles, Japanese Irezumi stands out, with artists creating both traditional and modern interpretations of these timeless works of art. Typically, Irezumi is associated with large designs that cover the back, arms, and legs but also make stunning small stand alone pieces.


Artists who do this style: Nikole, Piotrek


Tattoo Styles - Realism/Surrealism

Realism is a tattooing technique that aims to make the tattoo look like a photograph or a three-dimensional object. It is commonly executed using black and grey, but it can also look impressive in colour.

Surrealism is an art movement that focuses on unleashing the imagination, creativity, and exploring the realm of dreams and the surreal. Pio is an accomplished master of this genre.

All examples by Piotrek

Artists who do this style: Piotrek


Tattoo Styles - Botanical

Botanical illustration is the skill of portraying the shape, hues, and particulars of plant existence. The earliest botanical sketches can be traced back to 512 BC, when a Greek botanist created them to assist in identifying plants for medical reasons.

Tattooing with botanical designs has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its visually appealing nature. These designs can work well for both small and large tattoos, as they can be adjusted to fit the shape of the body.

Examples by Nikole

Artists who do this style: Nikole


Tattoo Styles - Henna

Henna or Mehndi is a traditional practice used for marking important events and celebrations. For instance, in Hindu culture, it is applied on the hands and feet of the bride to represent pride, joy, beauty, and spiritual awakening. Nowadays, it has become a popular option for tattooing due to its aesthetic appeal and long-lasting quality.

Example by Kamila,

Artists who do this style: Kamila


Tattoo Styles - Illustrative

Illustrative tattoos draw inspiration from both realism and traditional styles. They usually feature a black outline and may be coloured or remain black and white. The defining characteristic of an illustrative tattoo is that it maintains a hand-drawn appearance, rather than being shaded to achieve a realistic look.

Here are examples from Emily and Jon

Artists who do this style: Tina, Jon

Chinese Painting

Tattoo Styles - Chinese Painting

Chinese painting is becoming ever more popular as tattoos. The concept behind Chinese spontaneous painting is to do as few strokes as possible while capturing the essence of the subject. Usually, images are of nature like flowers and animals and very seasonal. With minimal to no outline, it looks very similar to a watercolour painting.

Nikole has been practicing Chinese spontaneous painting since 2014. You can view her artwork in our shop section, as well as her tattoos on her personal page on Instagram.

All the above tattoos are by Nikole. The first two are from her paintings.

Artists who do this style: Nikole


Tattoo Styles - Traditional

When you think of traditional American tattoos, you may think of snakes, skulls, hearts, swallows or eagles. These are all great examples of a traditional tattoo, usually with bold lines and bright colours. Sailors and soldiers would travel collecting tattoos to either protect them or remind them of loved ones. Sailor Jerry and Bert Grimm are considered the "first wave" of traditional tattooing.

Examples by Andy

Artists who do this style: Jon, Andy


Tattoo Styles - Biomechanical

Biomechanical tattooing started in the mid-'90s and was highly influenced by H R Giger, who designed Ridley Scott's Alien. It can be highly intricate with layers of 'machine parts' and slightly alien-like. Flowing with your muscles' natural contours makes you look like a robot under your skin. Often, large tattoos like sleeves are done in this style but can also stand alone as a smaller piece.

All of these examples are by Piotrek.

Artists who do this style: Piotrek

Dotwork, Sacred Geometry

Tattoo Styles - Dotwork, Sacred Geometry

Dotwork is a delicate tattoo style that consists of many dots and is also known as pointillism. It requires a lot of patience from both the artist and the client as it can take many hours to complete. Sacred Geometry is another tattoo style that draws inspiration from shapes and patterns found in nature, with geometric shapes as the primary building blocks. This style often incorporates layered designs to create a sense of depth within the tattoo and is typically done on larger pieces.

Artists who do this style: Kamila


Tattoo Styles - Tibetan

Tibetan tattoos are mainly images from Buddhist thangka paintings, Buddha, and other religious iconography of divine and supernatural beings accompanied by flowers and traditional background elements like clouds or water make for a stunning tattoo. Tibetan tattoos look fantastic as large pieces covering the whole back and arms but also work as small designs like an endless knot, for example.

The above selection are all by Nikole.

Artists who do this style: Nikole, Jon

Covering Scars

Tattoo Styles - Covering scars

Covering scars can be one of the most rewarding tattoos to do. Making your customers feel good about their bodies after being through a traumatic experience; there is no feeling like it. We can cover scars quite easily, but they need to be a minimum of one year old as the skin is constantly healing.

The above examples are all done by Nikole.

Artists who do this style: Nikole, Jon, Piotrek


Artists who do this style: Kamila


Artists who do this style: Tina, Jon


All examples by Andy

Artists who do this style: Andy, Jon


All examples by Jodie

Artists who do this style: Jodie-Mae

Stained Glass

All examples by Aoife our regular guest

Artists who do this style: Aoife

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