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Good Times by name and good times by nature, our artists love to laugh and get to know their customers while creating outstanding work. We are so lucky to have become friends with so many of our customers over the years.

With over 80 years of combined experience (I know that sounds real old), why not come in and get to know our team at Good Times. Comprising of Nikole Lowe (London Ink), Piotrek Taton, Jon Peeler, EJ Miles, Eszter David,Kamila Daisy and our lovely apprentice Martina.

Please keep an eye on our guest list as we often have some other amazing artists coming through our door.

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Our tattoo styles & examples

With so many tattoo styles out there to choose from, we have quite a few covered for your convenience. Suppose you are looking for Japanese, Tribal, Realism, Botanical, Sacred geometry, Henna, Fine line, Script, Bio-mechanical, Surrealism, Traditional, Tibetan. Engraving, Illustrative, Black and Grey, Hand poke or Calligraphy, you’ll be sure to find an artist at Good Times who can give you good advice and a great tattoo. As I said, we have pretty much all bases covered.


Tattoo Styles - Japanese

There are centuries of history for the art of tattooing all over the world. One that has maintained its popularity is the Japanese style Irezumi. Tattoo artists still create both traditional and new takes on these classic masterpieces. And it's a genre mainly known for large images that cover the back, arms, and legsa

Here, Nikole shows a koi sleeve and dragon backpiece. While the maple leaves are done by EJ

Artists who do this style: Nikole, Piotrek, EJ


Tattoo Styles - Realism/Surrealism

Realism is a technique that results in the tattoo looking like a photograph or a 3D object. Often done in black and grey but looks equally good in colour.

Surrealism is about imagination, creativity, dreams or the surreal. Pio is a real master of the surreal.

Above are examples by Hannah with the angels and Piotrek shows a coloured portrait of Catwoman and a surreal skull.

Artists who do this style: Piotrek


Tattoo Styles - Botanical, floral, birds

Botanical illustration is the art of depicting the form, colour and details of plant life. The first botanical drawings date back to 512 from a Greek botanist to help identify plants for medicinal purposes.

Botanical tattooing has grown in popularity over the past few years simply because it looks so good. Often small pieces, but they also work well for large tattoos, fitting the shape of the body.

Nikole's peony and blossom branch were done freehand, which means it was drawn straight onto the skin. EJ shows this stunning Scottish. Thistle

Artists who do this style: Nikole, EJ


Tattoo Styles - Henna

Henna or Mehndi traditionally used for rites of passage and celebrations. For example, Hindu paint it on the hands and feet of the bride to symbolise pride, joy, beauty and spiritual awakening. Nowadays, it is a trendy choice to get tattooed as it is so esthetically pleasing and a tattoo that lasts the test of time.

The first picture on the foot is by Kamila, the other two examples are superbly executed by Eszter

Artists who do this style: Eszter, Kamila, Martina


Tattoo Styles - Illustrative

Illustrative tattoos take inspiration from both realism and traditional. They typically use a black outline and maybe colourful or simply black. The key to an illustrative tattoo is that it retains a drawn feel rather than shaded to look realistic.

Here are examples from Jon and EJ

Artists who do this style: Eszter, Jon, EJ

Chinese Painting

Tattoo Styles - Chinese Painting

Chinese painting is becoming ever more popular as tattoos. The concept behind Chinese spontaneous painting is to do as few strokes as possible while capturing the essence of the subject. Usually, images are of nature like flowers and animals and very seasonal. With minimal to no outline, it looks very similar to a watercolour painting.

Nikole has been studying Chinese spontaneous painting since 2014. You can see her paintings in our shop section and more of her tattoos on her page or Instagram.

All the above tattoos are by Nikole. The first two are from her paintings.

Artists who do this style: Nikole


Tattoo Styles - Traditional

When you think of traditional American tattoos, you may think of snakes, skulls, hearts, swallows or eagles. These are all great examples of a traditional tattoo, usually with bold lines and bright colours.

Sailors and soldiers would travel collecting tattoos to either protect them or remind them of loved ones. Sailor Jerry and Bert Grimm are considered the "first wave" of traditional tattooing.

Boshka shows us her take on a traditional leopard. In contrast, EJ shows a super cool snake and a traditional heart with shaking hands.

Artists who do this style: EJ, Jon, Boshka


Tattoo Styles - Etching, Engraving

Etching, Engraving or linework tattooing is precisely that, made up of lines or dots. Usually fairly minimalist and one colour which is often black.

Etching is a process in printmaking when acid cuts into the metal to create incisions where the ink would hold. Then they would make prints from the metal plates. There are no acid or metal plates involved in tattooing this style. That's just a snippet of history.

All of these examples superbly executed by Eszter

Artists who do this style: Eszter David


Tattoo Styles - Biomechanical

Biomechanical tattooing started in the mid-'90s and was highly influenced by H R Giger, who designed Ridley Scott's Alien.

It can be highly intricate with layers of 'machine parts' and slightly alien-like. Flowing with your muscles' natural contours makes you look like a robot under your skin. 

Often, large tattoos like sleeves are done in this style but can also stand alone as a smaller piece.

All of these examples are by Piotrek.

Artists who do this style: Piotrek

Dotwork, Sacred Geometry

Tattoo Styles - Dotwork, Sacred Geometry

Dotwork is a tattoo style that is very delicate and made up of many dots, and it can also be called pointillism. This style of tattooing can take many hours and a lot of patience from both the artist and client.

Sacred Geometry uses shapes and patterns found in nature, with geometric shapes as the drawing's essential starting point. Sometimes designs are layered on top of each other to create a sense of depth within the tattoo and usually done with larger pieces.

The first example by Eszter is a much more delicate piece with different shades of black and grey, which create a stunning effect.

Artists who do this style: Eszter, Kamila


Tattoo Styles - Tibetan

Tibetan tattoos are mainly images from Buddhist thangka paintings, Buddha, and other religious iconography of divine and supernatural beings accompanied by flowers and traditional background elements like clouds or water make for a stunning tattoo.

Tibetan tattoos look fantastic as large pieces covering the whole back and arms and work as small designs like an endless knot, for example.

The above selection is all by Nikole.

Artists who do this style: Nikole, Jon, Martina, Boshka

Covering Scars

Tattoo Styles - Covering scars

Covering scars can be one of the most rewarding tattoos to do. Making your customers feel good about their bodies after being through a traumatic experience; there is no feeling like it.

We can cover scars quite easily, but they need to be a minimum of one year old as the skin is constantly healing.

The above examples are of a mastectomy scar after reconstruction and two tummy tucks, all done by Nikole.

Artists who do this style: Nikole, Jon, Piotrek, EJ, Eszter


Artists who do this style: Kamila, Eszter, Martina


Artists who do this style: EJ, Jon

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