Good Times Tattoo was founded by Nikole Lowe in 2009, initially located in Shoreditch. However, in 2022, the studio made a big move to Hackney Central. Nikole's vision for Good Times was to create a fully inclusive space for like-minded artists to express their creativity and produce beautiful tattoos. The aim is to provide customers with a unique experience in a calm and friendly environment. Nikole's appearance on the TV show London Ink inspired her to open Good Times, and she has never looked back since. In addition to quality original tattoos, Good Times also offers services such as Laser Tattoo Removal and Cryotherapy. The studio also boasts a collection of original paintings, prints and other unique pieces available for purchase.

Our artists

Good Times is home to a group of talented artists, each with their own unique specialty and extensive experience in various styles. Nikole is joined by Piotrek Taton, Jon Peeler, Kamila Daisy, Andy (also known as Wham Bam), Jodie Mae, and Emily Abbit. Regular guest artists include Harriet Hapgood, Joseph Pineda, Aoife, Tina Verini and Lucy Prior. With such a diverse range of talent and styles, we are confident that we can help you achieve your dream tattoo and turn heads as you walk down the street.

We're looking forward to hearing from you