So, you want to change your life and find some meaning. What better way to that than get a tattoo? Mystical and primal, totemic and deep, the injecting of ink under the skin is an ancient practice that will increase your mindfulness and make you at one with the universe. It’s like deep spiritual meditation with buzzing needles, blood, gritted teeth and the need for sugar, a lot of sugar.

Or if you just want to get an amazing tattoo and hang out in a lovely, calm, cool, creative atmosphere then visit us at Good Times Tattoo.

Opened by Nikole Lowe in 2009 Good Times Tattoo was always going to be different from most studios, mainly because of the singing but also it’s a light and happy place to be. Our gorgeous and truly lovely reception staff will greet you and make you welcome whether it’s your first time or you are a hardened ink junkie.

Our artists

Nikole has hand-picked an amazing roster of seriously attractive artists who are also tattoo gods. Each artist has their own speciality, but all have a huge amount of experience in a variety of styles. We are home to the fabulous Hannah Keuls, Piotrek Taton, Jon Peeler, Harriet Hapgood, EJ Miles, Eszter David, Dan Andout, and regular guest artists Noon, Boshka, Lucy Pryor and Tim-PrisonStyle Tattoo. Collectively that’s about 175 years of tattooing experience but without the wrinkles.


If holes in your skin is your thing then Good Times is also home to the expert piercer Rhianna.

Laser treatment

Also, if you have any past regrets we have a laser, a really big laser operated by kind,  experienced professionals and we can free you from those regrets into a new life.* (this is pretty much confined to bad tattoos but may have unexpected benefits, however this cannot be guaranteed, but the operators are really hot).

So, come on down to Good Times Tattoo and fulfil your dreams and change your life.

We're looking forward to hearing from you