Our fantastic artists

Nikole has hand-picked an amazing roster of seriously attractive artists who are also tattoo gods. Each artist has their own speciality, but all have a huge amount of experience in a variety of styles. Collectively we have about 175 years of tattooing experience but without the wrinkles.

Nikole Lowe

Artist: Nikole Lowe
Available: Wednesday - Saturday
Style: Japanese, Tibetan, Floral

See Nikole's work

Piotrek Taton

Artist: Piotrek Taton
Available: Tuesday - Friday
Style: Surrealism, realism, biomechanics, black and grey, neo Japanese
See Piotrek's work

Jon Peeler

Artist: Jon Peeler
Available: Wednesday to Friday
Style: Iconography, Traditional, Illustrative, fine line
See Jon's work

Kamila Daisy

Artist: Kamila Daisy
Available: Tues, Fri, Sat
Style: Henna, Ornamental, Sacred Geometry

See Kamila's work

Eszter David

Artist: Eszter David
Available: Thurs - Sat
Style: Blackwork, Illustrative, Henna, Sacred Geometry, Engravings
See Eszter's work

EJ Miles

Artist: EJ Miles
Available: Tues, Thurs, Sat
Style: Black & Grey, Japanese, Fine Line, Traditional
See EJ's work


Artist: Martina
Available: Tues, Wed, Sat
Style: Ornamental, Tibetan
See Martina's work

Welcoming our guest artists

We are so lucky here at Good Times to have some incredible tattooers come through our doors who we call friends, offering you a chance to get that special piece you may have wanted but were unable to travel to them for.

Keep your eye’s peeled on our Guest List for all upcoming artists.

Artist: Joseph Pineda
Available: August 26-27
Style: Japanese

Artist: Aoife
Available: August 10-13
Style: Illustration

Artist: Mr J Best
Available: August 16, 17, 18, 20
Style: Fineline

Artist: Ella Bell
Available: September 13-17
Style: Ornamental, Dots, Floral

Artist: Sharnie Pilar
Available: September 24
Style: Black and grey, portraits

Artist: Genesis
Available: September (all)
Style: illustration

Artist: La Vale
Available: December 8-10
Style: Avant Garde, Watercolour

Want to become a guest artist?

Looking for a relaxed studio to do a guest spot while visiting London? Or maybe you live local and want to get inspired by working with a new bunch of artists.

We’re pretty easy going at Good Times, and if there is an empty station, we love having new and old friends come and work alongside us.

Please send a link to your Instagram, website or send photos of your recent work to along with a little bit about yourself, how long you have been tattooing, where you work etc. We will get back to you with available dates.

We're looking forward to hearing from you