Nikole Lowe

White Peacock Amongst the Peonies

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Did you know that peacocks are really good burglar alarms? Well maybe not as good as geese, but they still make a racket. You can almost hear this guy squawking while he's walking through the peonies. 

This is one amazing painting, the delicate lines that make up the peacocks tail are enough to draw you in for hours, let alone the soft flowers you can almost smell.

A big painting which measures 118cm x 70cm.     

This is the original painting from one of Nikole's wallpaper designs in collaboration with Actually, if you want this as wallpaper then hit them up, they're super nice to work with and you won't be disappointed.

Painted with traditional brushes and Chinese watercolour on delicate dyed Xuan paper with gold flecks. This is a one-off painting so when it's gone it's gone.


Mounted and ready to be shipped

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