Nikole Lowe

Wolf In Winter

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This lone white wolf is looking out into the distance before he has a drink in the icy cold waters. Surrounded by snow-capped trees. What a majestic animal, the wolf. We can learn a lot from animals, especially wolves. 

When they travel, the leader goes last, with the sick and the old at the front. That way, he can watch, protect and make sure nobody gets left behind.

An original painting by Nikole Lowe.

Painted with traditional brushes and ink on dyed Xuan paper with gold flecks.

Measure 70cm x 35cm

Mounted and ready to ship.
Please note that this is handmade so that imperfections could be present.
Once it’s mounted and you receive your lovely wolf painting, it may appear ratty around the edges, but don’t worry, once you trim it and get it in a frame, it will look fabulous!!!


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