Nikole Lowe

The Lone Dragonfly and the Lotus

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Did you know the lotus flower is one of the most significant flowers in Chinese culture? Well, it is, and it's not just because it's so beautiful, okay kind of. It's because it rises from the mud and blooms in exquisite beauty, symbolising both the heart and mind's perfection and purity. It also represents long life and honour.


Painted on delicate dyed Xuan (rice) paper with traditional inks and brushes. A one-off original

Measures 83 cm high x 39 cm wide

All of Nikole's paintings are freehand with no preliminary sketches. Chinese painting is about capturing the essence of the subject with as few strokes as possible.

This painting is mounted and ready to pop into the frame of your choice. Please note that all paintings are on rice paper and can look a little rough around the edges when you receive them, but don't panic; once framed, they look amazing, and you don't see the mounted edges. Just trim the edges to fit the frame, but please leave a little mount intact.


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