Nikole Lowe

Majestic Tiger, original painting by Nikole Lowe

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Wowzers! what a painting!

These tiger's eyes tell a story of a gentle, strong endangered species that we need to look after. A truly stunning creature, and what a painting of him it is.

Nikole painted an original Chinese painting with traditional brushes and ink on dyed Xuan paper with gold flecks throughout.

One of the paintings Nikole did in collaboration with, so you would be super lucky to get the original painting on your wall.

Mounted and ready to be posted and framed. Please note this is a fairly large painting and is handmade, so there could be some imperfections. 

Upon arrival, you may think that the edges of the mounted paper look a bit 'ratty' but don't worry, once you get this bad boy framed, you won't even see them, and it will look perfect.

I think this is our favourite painting Nikole has ever painted, and it will be sad to see him go.


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