We're moving!!!

After nearly 13 years in Shoreditch, the time has come to move on.

The new Good Times will be opening on the 5th of April. We will notify all clients, so don't worry about appointments. We will transfer you all to the new studio.

I can still remember how I ended up moving into Shoreditch. I worked for Alex Binnie at Into You and had not long been on London Ink. I had found this fantastic vestry out the back of a church in London Bridge. The deal had gone through as far as I was concerned; I was moving to London Bridge and into this fantastic building with a ginormous Jesus on a cross in the garden, not to mention its own cemetery. I couldn't believe my luck.

Unfortunately, I was lead on, and they pulled out at the last minute. So after telling Alex this and saying I didn't want to leave Into You, he gave me three months to find somewhere else and kicked me out of the nest.

If anyone has tried to open a tattoo studio in London, you will know that it takes a minimum of three months to get the change of use for the building and apply for all the necessary licences.

I was so lucky to find Curtain Road within two weeks. I umed and ared as I thought it was too close to Farringdon and being of old school tattoo blood. I didn't want to open too close to my old boss or other studios as it was an unwritten rule not to do that out of respect.

Anyway, I did open up there and have had the most amazing 13 years! It has been a building filled with love, laughter, hula hooping, happy hours, parties, open mike nights, roller skating, tattooing, singing and general Good Times!

Having had so many amazing artists working for me over the years. Luckily some have stayed with me from the beginning, like Pio. Others have moved on. 

It's sad to leave Curtain Road, and had my lease not run out and the rent not increased, I probably would have stayed there. But this has opened the doors to a new chapter in my life. I have been able to put all my energy into a new studio and create an even more beautiful space! A space that I can fill with new memories, somewhere I already feel inspired to be, somewhere I can have like-minded artists come through my door, make beautiful tattoos and art, laugh, love and enjoy life.

I hope you all have a good cup of tea and catch up and have a good old fashioned conversation. Get tattooed, lasered, stay for happy hour, and have a good laugh. Life is too short, so enjoy it while we can. That's what I've learnt from the last two years.

See you all there

1st Floor

8 Lower Clapton Road

E5 0PD 


We're looking forward to hearing from you