Wallpaper collaboration

Imagine walking into your bedroom, and on your wall behind your bed, is a stunning wallpaper mural with a blossom branch stretched over the whole span, with little bees flying around.

Creating a sense of calm with the soft pink flowers and earthy tone background, gold flecks shining as the light hits it.

Or maybe your living room has a majestic tiger standing underneath a pine tree and looking into the distance as a soft waterfall is falling from a mountain range.

Lockdown has brought ups and downs for many of us, but it seems Nikole has been productive and found yet another string to add to her bow. Wallpaper design!

If you haven’t already seen her Chinese paintings, you must check them out. Inspired by nature and the changing seasons, Nikole paints freehand onto delicate dyed Xuan paper using minimal strokes.

tiger wallpaper

These paintings caught the eye of wallpered.com, who approached Nikole to collaborate, which has produced six stunning wallpaper murals. 

You can choose from a blossom tree expanding from wall to wall accompanied by bees flying around. Or maybe you would prefer a white peacock walking amongst the peonies. Or perhaps you want the most beautiful flower of all, the Peony surrounded by playful butterflies. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. 

All painted with traditional Chinese spontaneous brush stroke techniques.

wallpaper in bedroom

Digitally printed onto non-woven wallpaper, Wallpapers ‘paste to wall’ technology means installation is quick and easy. Custom made to the exact size of your wall for a perfect fit.

So if you are looking for that statement wall in your home, office, restaurant or hotel even, look no further as these won’t disappoint.

To see the full range of wallpapers, please visit www.wallpapered.com

wallpaper roll

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