Good Times Welcomes Emily: Adding a Touch of Artistry to the Ink

In the vibrant heart of Hackney Central, Good Times Tattoo has been a staple for tattoo enthusiasts since its establishment in 2009. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Good Times Tattoo is about to welcome a new artist into its eclectic family. Enter Emily, a talented tattoo artist with a penchant for stunning illustration tattoos in captivating shades of black. Her unique style, featuring super cool birds and intricately designed ladies, is set to bring an exciting new dimension to the studio's portfolio.

Starting from March 6th, Emily will be working Wednesdays through Fridays and gracing the studio every second Saturday, Emily's presence promises to add an extra layer of creativity to the already diverse array of artistic expressions at Good Times. Clients can now look forward to booking appointments and experiencing Emily's exceptional craftsmanship on these specific days.

What sets Emily apart is her mastery in working with black ink, creating mesmerising designs that leave a lasting impression. Her penchant for intricate details, whether it's a majestic bird or a sophisticated portrayal of a lady, showcases her dedication to the art of tattooing. Good Times Tattoo clients can now explore this unique approach to body art and walk away with a piece that not only tells a story but also captivates the eye.

Nikole Lowe, the proud owner of Good Times Tattoo, expressed her enthusiasm about Emily joining the team. "We are very excited to have Emily on board. Her artistic flair and dedication to her craft align perfectly with the ethos of Good Times. We believe that her presence will enhance the overall tattoo experience for our clients, providing them with more options to express their individuality."

As Good Times Tattoo continues to be a hub for creativity and self-expression in Hackney Central, the addition of Emily and her stunning illustration tattoos in black ink marks a new chapter for the studio. Clients can anticipate an enhanced and diverse range of options for their tattoos, all while experiencing the exceptional service and atmosphere that Good Times Tattoo is renowned for. Welcome to the family, Emily!

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