Rhianna has been piercing for 20 years, starting in Exeter. She then moved to London, where she managed a small studio in North London for nine years. Establishing herself as an exceptional piercer.

From there, she landed her dream job at Alex Binnies Into You. After seven fabulous years there, sadly, they closed, which pushed her into creating her own business, which for the past three years she has been running at the Circle in Soho, and now once a week on a Friday, she graces us here at Good Times.

With so much experience, Rhianna has never lost her passion for piercing. She is always attending seminars and conventions, staying up to date with the latest trends and hygiene. 

Please note:
All of our prices listed below include the PLAIN basic implant grade titanium. We can pierce you with the implant grade titanium or 18ct gold. You can choose from our wide range of jewellery for something a little fancier at an extra cost.

EARLOBES 1 x Lobe Starts at £25
2 x Lobes Starts at £45
Transverse Lobe Starts at £40
Orbital Starts at £40
EAR CARTILAGE Helix Starts at £40
Forward Helix Starts at £40
Rook Starts at £40
Daith Starts at £35
Conch Starts at £40
Tragus Starts at £40
Anti-Tragus Starts at £40
Flat / Scapha Starts at £40
Orbital Starts at £50
Industrial Starts at £50
FACIAL Nostril
Starts at £40
Starts at £35
Starts at £40
Lip / Labret
Starts at £40
Monroe / Madonna
Starts at £40
Philtrum / Medusa
Starts at £40
ORAL Tongue
Starts at £40
Starts at £35
BODY Navel
Starts at £40
1 x Nipple
Starts at £40
2 x Nipple
Starts at £70
Surface Bar
Starts at £50
Starts at £50
EXTRAS Jewellery Change
£5 + Jewellery
£10 + Jewellery
Stericlens 100ml £6
Stericlens 240ml £10
Taper Pin £5


Laser treatment

Also, if you have any past regrets we have a laser, a really big laser operated by kind,  experienced professionals and we can free you from those regrets into a new life.* (this is pretty much confined to bad tattoos but may have unexpected benefits, however this cannot be guaranteed, but the operators are really hot).

So, come on down to Good Times Tattoo and fulfil your dreams and change your life.

If you have any questions about out Laser Treatments why not check out the information we have on our FAQs page, or you can Contact Us.

We're looking forward to hearing from you